The True Meaning Of Reunion

团圆 “tuan yuan” means reunion – a gathering of family, relatives or friends after everyone have been separated for some time. It is always link to happiness and togetherness which has been a tradition that everyone look forward to, especially during Chinese New Year or any bigger occasion of the year.

When we were young, we tend to take things for granted. Under the protection of our parents, we can get everything that we ever wished for. Until the time we entered university after high school, we get to know many people in life, experiencing different kind of matters and people. Another level in life happens when we entered the adulthood – working life. And somehow our lives has always been loaded with works and packed schedule.

This is the time we should all sit down and relax. We are so busy growing up, we often forget that our parents is growing old. Because of the busy schedule, we often forget the people that are important to us. Somehow, we need to accept the fact that life is short and unpredictable. Hence, get reunion, tuan yuan, as often as we can, treasure your loved ones we still can.

And once again, “food brings us together”.

Regardless of any occasions, be it a Chinese New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, or a Wedding reception – food is always an important element that everyone looking forward to.

“WE EAT, WE LAUGH, AND WE EAT SOME MORE”. We hope, us, from WYK could serve you, share and provide you much happiness and warm. Happy reunion!