The Origin Of Buffet Catering

The history behind of all-you-can-eat buffet

Talk about all-you-can-eat buffet, who doesn’t love having variety of food being served bountifully because – HAPPY TUMMY, HAPPY YOU!

According to the legends between 8th and 11th century ago, when the Vikings from three countries of Scandinavia – Norway, Denmark and Sweden had successfully made the invasion on European coastal islands, they celebrated by having a Viking Feast. During the feast, the Vikings ate well, certainly ate more and way better variety of food than the daily meal afforded, the speed of serving the food somehow slower than the Vikings’ eating speed which led them fighting over the food and the ‘chef’ literally gave up to serve them food. Due to no one to serve the food anymore, the Vikings broke into the cooking area, took whatever they wanted, ate all the prepared and even half-prepared food, no more “dining etiquette” and rules to be bothered at that time. No more fighting over food too!

Later, the France royal family introduced the concept of buffet – serving variety meals and has transformed the informal eating style into an upper class eating style. During the World War II, the concept of buffet being practiced in the military canteens of the US military.

Ever since, it has become the cultural touchstone until today, buffet style offers interesting array of selections of food and has become a tradition to have it for occasions.