CNY Reunion, Happy Together!

CNY Reunion = Family time : give the smartphones a pause, enjoy the quality time

It’s another brand new year,
A another year wiser?

Time to time, year by year,
We are all growing.
Let’s not forget our parents are growing old too.
The friends that we have been lost in touch with,
All because of our busy schedule.

Lucky us to have the advancement of technology nowadays,
Distance is no longer a barrier to communicate with each other.
However, it makes us closer or further us away?

Sadly, the obsession with technology somehow brings more harm than good.
We spend too much time online that we forget to enjoy the quality time with family.
We spend too much time at work that we forget to spare time to go home for reunion dinner.
Life is short. Life is fragile.
We should always put family as the first priority.
Go home, spare time with your family,
Enjoy the quality time together.
As food brings us all together,
Be seated together and enjoy the good food.

WYK focuses on understanding the human relationship.
We provide freshly cooked meals to our customers,
To provide happiness, satisfaction and happy tummy.

We are hoping you could give the smartphones a pause,
Enjoy the bonding time with family and friends.
Treasure the moment! Spread the love and happiness together!