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Is WYK Catering Halal-certified?

We are not Halal-certified, but our entire menu is pork-free.

What does our buffet catering package include?

For our standard order 100 pax and above, it includes the red/white A-shaped canopies, fans, lights, tables, chairs, cutleries and waiters.

What is the rental cost for additional equipment?

Please refer to our equipment upgrade list or call our office 1700-81-5199 for the charges.

What is the minimum order?

Buffet Catering = 100 pax
Banquet/Association Catering = 200 pax (equivalent to 20 tables)
Centerpiece Catering = 10 sets
Individual Serving = 100 pax

Order less than our minimum order requirement, please contact our office 1700-81-5199 or 012-3803080

What are the types of cutleries?

We provide stainless steel forks and spoons, melamine plates and plastic cups. There’s also an upgrade option to porcelain plates, goblets, high-end stainless steel forks and spoons (additional cost of RM8/pax).

Will the food be cooked at the venue?

Depending on the venue’s requirements, we are able to send our chefs to cook at the venue.

Will the food be served warm?

Only certain dishes are suitable to be served warm.

What is the estimated food portion?

For buffet catering, the ratio of portions per pax is 1:1 meaning the order will match the number of pax.

Will there be additional food/ingredients in case of added guests?

We do not provide additional food/ingredients and the portion size will be as per the order.
Any additional request for dishes has to be informed 3 days prior to the event so that we have sufficient time to prepare the ingredients.

Can your chef help to cook extra dishes for us?

Any additional request for dishes has to be informed 24 hours prior to the event. A surcharge of RM50/dish will be incurred and the ingredients and condiments have to be provided by the customers.

Will takeaway containers or plastic bags be provided?

No, we do not provide takeaway containers or plastic bags. To ensure the quality of food and safety of consumption, it is recommended to dispose of the food that is left at room temperature for more than 4 hours after serving.

Will the buffet catering table be decorated?

The buffet catering table will be decorated with maroon color buffet line table set up, table cloth and skirting (exclude artificial / fresh flower decoration). Any additional add-ons or requests will incur additional cost.

Will the serving staff be provided?

Depending on the number of pax ordered, our serving staff will be provided based on no. of pax. Any additional staff will incur a RM80 fee per staff/3 hours.

Will trash be removed by the staff?

Our staff will ensure that all trash is removed from the venue location.

Will ice cubes be provided?

Our catering package provides ice cubes (10kg+-) based on the pax order:-
100 pax = 5 bags of ice cubes
150 pax = 7 bags of ice cubes
200 pax = 10 bags of ice cubes
Additional bags will incur a RM6 fee.

Will food tasting be provided?

We offer food tasting. For Buffet Catering and Centerpiece Selection order, you can order our Party Pack (link) ; For Banquet Services and Individual Serving order, you can enjoy the food tasting session at our premise. For more information, please contact our customer service.

Will vegetarian options be provided?

We serve vegetarian options as per request. Please contact us for more information.

When will the canopy be installed? And when will the canopy be dismantled?

Our customer service personnel will contact you at least 3 days in advance to inform you about the date/time of installation and dismantlement of canopy.
Any event which only allows installation of canopy on the same day of function will be charged an additional fee of at least RM120; and any request to dismantle canopy on the same day of function will be charged at least RM300.
NOTE: Fee will be determined depending on venue location.

How to get approval or permit for organising an event?

Organiser is advised to get approval in advance from the Building Management / Security Department / Local Legal Enforcement of the premise in which the event is to be held.

Placing an order

Telephone: 1700-81-5199
Fax: 1700-81-3914
Whatsapp : 012-3803080

Could I exchange a dish with another from a different buffet catering menu?

Yes, the maximum amount of exchanges are 3 dishes of the similar or lower price range. If the requested dish is of a higher value, an additional cost will be incurred.

What is the confirmation of the online order?

Our customer service personnel will contact you within 48 hours once we receive your order enquiry to verify your details and answer your questions. Your order confirmation will be sent via SMS/WhatsApp/ Email.

When do I need to place an order?

Orders should be made at least 3 days prior to the event, but it also depends on our availability to accept the order. It is advisable to place an order 6 months prior to the event especially during peak season.

What is the deposit amount?

A minimum deposit of RM1000 is required to secure the booking for Buffet Catering and Centerpiece Selection. A minimum deposit of RM2000 is required to secure the booking for Banquet Services and Individual Serving.

How do I pay for the booking amount?

Payment can be made either by cash, cheque or Online transfer. Cheques and Online transfers must be made payable to “WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd”.

Will cancellation be allowed after payment?

Cancellation can be done via email at [email protected] or via phone at 1700-81-5199. Deposits are non-refundable.

Will last-minute changes for the order be allowed?

Any last minute change of order such as venue address, dishes, number of pax have to be done 48 hours prior to the event or before the canopy is set up (whichever comes first). We will do our very best to accommodate your request but with no guarantee.

Will postponement for the order be allowed?

Postponement to a later date is allowed though without a guarantee of availability. The later date has to be within the next 3 months and any postponement past that will forfeit the deposit.

Can I still change my order after I confirm my order?

Postponement to a later date is allowed but please check with our customer service personnel on the availability. Orders filled on a first-come basis.The later date has to be within the next 90 days of the original function date. Any postponement beyond 90 days, deposit will be forfeited.
NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, indefinite postponement is allowed for any function which has booked in this year (2020) subject to availability and changes in macroeconomic conditions.

What can I order from WYK Delivery online?

The WYK Delivery online allows you to order Party Box, Annual Festive Glutinous Rice Dumpling, and Baby Full Moon Gift Boxes. Offerings will be expanded as we avail more new products to be ordered online.

How do I order WYK Delivery online?

Just follow these simple steps:
a. Click on Order Now.
b. Select Delivery.
c. Enter your delivery address to Check Delivery Area
d. Select items from the Delivery Menu.
e. Checkout, pay and we’ll deliver!
Alternatively, you can call WYK Delivery Hotline at 1700-81-5199 or whatsapp to
012-3803080 from 9.00am – 5.00pm to place your order.

Can I make changes or cancel my order after placing an order?

You may change or cancel your order via WYK Delivery Hotline at 1700-81-5199 or whatsapp to 012-3803080. No refunds will be given for all any type of cancellations.

How will I know if WYK has received my online order?

An order confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address once your order has been submitted.
(If you can’t find the email in your inbox, please check your ‘Spam/Junk’ folder or call WYK Delivery Hotline at 1700-81-5199 or whatsapp to 012-3803080 if you require further assistance)

What do I do if my order arrives with missing items?

Please call our WYK Delivery Hotline at 1700-81-5199 or whatsapp to 012-3803080 to inform our customer service personnels of your missing items. We will arrange for the items to be delivered to you in the soonest time possible.

Is WYK Delivery available across Malaysia?

WYK Delivery currently only covers selected areas in the country. You will be prompted to check your address when you start ordering online. Or, you can call our delivery hotline at WYK Delivery Hotline at 1700-81-5199 or whatsapp to 012-3803080 to find out if we deliver in your area

When is the operating hours for WYK Delivery?

WYK Delivery is available from 11.00am to 6.00pm from Mondays to Sundays including public holidays. However, delivery hours may vary depending on our kitchen. Please call our delivery hotline at WYK Delivery Hotline at 1700-81-5199 or whatsapp to 012-3803080 if you have further enquiries.

Is there a minimum order requirement for WYK Delivery?

A minimum order of RM20 excluding delivery charges applies to all orders on WYK Delivery.

What are the payment options available for WYK Delivery?

The following payment options are available for WYK Delivery:

  • Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard)
  • Debit Card (Visa & MasterCard)
  • FPX Bank Transfer (Malaysia Local Bank only)
  • E-Wallet (KipleBiz, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Boost, TNG, GrabPay)

Can I schedule my order in advance?

You can place your orders in advance via WYK Delivery Online. Please choose your preferred delivery date and time.
Please call our delivery hotline at WYK Delivery Hotline at 1700-81-5199 or whatsapp to 012-3803080 if you have further enquiries.

Can I order WYK Delivery via the website without creating an account?

Yes, we now have a ‘guest checkout’ feature for customers who wish to place an order without creating an account.
However, we would recommend you to register with us for ease of all future orders. As a registered user, your details are saved and you will be able to select past orders in a single click. Furthermore, registration is free!

Please refer to our delivery information page for the delivery area covered and we may engage a third party service provider to ensure delivery of the order within the time slot selected. Whilst we aim to ensure the service level of such third-party service providers, we are not able to warrant their conduct or behavior and shall not be held responsible for any omissions or misconduct caused by such third-party service providers.

Your order will be delivered at the time slot selected and we endeavor to meet the said delivery time slot however it may be occasionally delayed due to traffic flow, weather conditions, unforeseen incidences or force majeure event, and we shall not be held liable for failure to deliver.

If it is in our view that the delivery of your order is likely to be substantially delayed, we will contact you to arrange an alternative delivery timeframe. If that timeframe is unacceptable to you, you may decline to accept the order and we will fully refund you the cost of such order or credit the cost of such order to your account balance which can be applied to your next order, at your option. The processing of the refund may take up to seven (7) working days.

You are responsible to be available at the time of delivery and ensure adequate arrangement is made. All risk in the products shall pass to you upon delivery. In any event where we are unable to reach you, we will attempt to contact you at the phone number given and the driver is unable to find a safe location to leave the food and if you are still unreachable, the order shall be deemed delivered and you will be liable for its payment in full as if you had received the order.

We shall not be held responsible for your failure to provide adequate access, information or arrangements for delivery. If we cannot change the delivery address, you have the option to cancel the order, but if food preparation has started you will be charged the full price for the Item, and if the driver has been dispatched you will also be charged for delivery.

To ensure the highest quality of the meal served, it is highly recommended that all meals should be consumed immediately after delivery.