Chinese Wedding Catering

Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is eternally. Marriage is a major event in your life.

Planning for a wedding can be quite complicated. The diversity of culture has bring some impact on the way of practices in our lives. Some would still prefer to retain their own culture but some would always try to apply other’s cultural practices to their wedding. From the proposal, registration, wedding photoshoot, wedding reception, honeymoon destination etc.. has always been the “process” and pretty sure every single processes need a very good and detailed planning. Besides to understand and plan for the rituals, type of wedding banquets, the food menu to be served during the reception, the venue and time also need to be in a very detailed consideration.

In Chinese culture, every cooking methods of each cuisine which include – fry, boil, bake, roast, steam, stew etc.. technically bring different kind of meaning. Therefore, in the selection of the wedding dishes, the type of food often has a set of traditional norms and usually higher in cost. If you would like to cut on some budget, buffet style might suit you more. We are always open for adjustment on the menus and packages to match with our customers’ needs and requirements.

By having a buffet style, besides can choose for a more affordable venue, but it also allows you to set up the theme that you like accordingly without breaking the traditional Chinese culture. Since the menus can also be arranged according to the affordable budget, you also do not need a lot of servicing person to be on duty for serving – hence, can save some on your budget!

As a professional and well-experienced catering provider, we should know how to decide the menus with various cooking styles, ingredients and type of dishes to be categorized under a package. The variety of dishes should also flexibly to allow the guests to choose and decide which are for best – we should always give the best food advice! By engaging our services, you can possibly save cost, save energy and save time!