Fantastic Food, Fabulously Planned
Fantastic Food, Fabulously Planned

With 30 years of experience and enthusiasm, rest assured to be a happy guest at your very own event. WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd caters a wide selection of Asian style cuisine with functional canopy rental services. Find out how we make it all-inclusive for you.

Private Events & Corporate Functions

WYK Catering possesses skills & experience in setting up private home events to weddings and corporate functions at reputable locations, such as The Glasshouse Seputeh, Summer Residence and The Curve.

Make Your Special Day Memorable with WYK Catering Services

With any big event, for social gatherings, to weddings, or to corporate meetings, there is no doubt that these special moments also come with a significant amount of stress.

You deserve to enjoy the party as much as the other attendees, especially when it comes to the cooking and hospitality. People will always remember the food, after all. That is why WYK Catering has been a favorite for parties, life milestones, weddings, and corporate gatherings for over 30 years.

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Reasons to Use a Catering Service

1. Leave a Lasting Impression

Impressing guests takes some serious work. But don’t worry about that. WYK Catering has you covered. We know that food plays a significant role in many events, so we have served up delicious and wholesome Asian style cuisine for over three decades.

Our smiles and dedication will leave an impression on your guests that they will remember well into the future. Let us provide that magical menu that makes you and your guests genuinely smile.

2. Professional Help

As mentioned before, WYK Catering has been offering top-quality Asian cuisine and catering services in KL and Selangor for more than 30 years and now even expanded to Pahang, Perak, and Negeri Sembilan.

Not only are our buffet and sit-down style meals restaurant quality, we strive to be an enterprise that becomes your one-stop service for canopy rental, food, and professional advice to make sure your event goes off without a problem. We will happily deliver to your chosen venue and set up there quickly and efficiently.

Our catering packages provide enough ice cubes so that your guests can enjoy icy-cold beverages! Knowing we will be there to serve means you have one less thing to worry about. And that is one thing every Malaysian wants nowadays: less stress!

3. Menu Diversity

While WYK Catering is not Halal certified, we do have an wide range of catering menu for your to choose from. Any buffet or sit-down menu can have a maximum of 3 items of lesser or equal price swapped in to substitute an already included item.

We want everyone at the private or corporate gathering to be able to savor fine food as much as those around them. Besides, allowing for either an assortment of food as a classic smorgasbord or in a 9-course dinner means broadening the experience and taking people on a journey.

4. Our Crystal Canopies

WYK Catering is proud to announce our crystal canopies that will heighten any al fresco dining experience under the stars. We are the first in the region to deploy these stunning canopies. Such accents truly allow for your special day to be memorable.

5. Economical

Special days often come with the fear of a large price tag. Fortunately, when you use a catering service like ours, the cost of everything is bundled together, and you know exactly what you are paying for.

There is no need to worry about over or under purchasing essential things, such as cooking ingredients and equipment. WYK Catering ensures you can have fun on your special day, because we are also saving you a great amount of money.

What We Offer is More than Catering Services in KL and other Areas

At the end of the day, there are several things people will remember about an event. The first is always the food. If flavors dance on the tongue like laughter, then people will look back fondly on the moment.

The other would be the environment. With our crystal canopies, heavenly Asian cuisine, and ability to deliver to more than just the KL region, WYK Catering can make your special day truly memorable and complete.

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