Benefit Of Individual Serving Services For Weddings And Events



Meeting functions..

Corporate events..

So different, and yet they bring people together.

Whether for business or for a special joyous occasion, if you’ve ever been to any of the above (or maybe even too many to count), it’s almost for sure that there’ll always be some socializing activity afterwards.

…with the buffet being one of the most common.

The main plan is to get guests to remember the time they spent there and have a great time altogether.

What if there’s an even better way to leave lasting impressions on friends, families, associates and acquaintances?

Here are 5 exclusive benefits to why your event schedule list needs to start, including individual serving (fine dining)…

1. The experience defines the mood

There’s no doubt that your guests feel during your event is the ultimate key to figuring out that event’s success.

But there’s just so many factors that will potentially either make your event feel like the best function they’ve ever attended…

…or end up as the event everyone wanted to leave the second that waiter spilt food onto their outfits.

However, there is a simple way to keep your guests excited and looking forward straight until the event’s end.

If you can’t give the best dining experience, it’s always better to do it differently.

What will your guests think of the event when they expected to be the same-old ready-layout buffet trays, sharing food with those not-so-close so-called “friends of the bride/bridegroom”…

..Turned out to be an exquisite individual serving of plate-after-plate food servicing.

Finally, no more sharing food with the same serving chopsticks/spoon or bustling knocking of shoulders down the buffet walkway.

2. Aiming for the palate could never go wrong

One thing that would not get complained about in fine dining events is the food. (I mean, who wouldn’t like being especially served as a VIP with your own set of dishes?)

Fine dining has long focused on introducing a variety of food quality instead of huge chunks of food, which allows more space for innovation for the chef in charge of the event’s course menu.

The one great way for opportunities to give way, be it for your business or simply getting to know distant relatives and friends better, just one piece of advice resulted from years of scientific proof and social testing…

“Never underestimate the power of good food.”

3. Different ambience

From the highly-skilled trained waiters, waitresses, to the lighting angle and brightness, to the folds of the table cloth, fine dining is, put the epitome of a detailed full-package of an otherworldly culinary experience.

Do small details like the lamp above the head of guests matter when it’s the food we’re all about?

Anyone working in the fine dining industry would tell you that lights highly affect customers’ mood, sometimes even subconsciously.

No one would want to eat yellow-toned broccoli even when it’s perfectly fine…

It’s just the light.

4. Discover a whole new culinary experience

Fresh-farm ingredients, aesthetically designed plates, creative never-seen dishes, and combinations you never thought could actually go together but still incredibly tastes good.

Chinese fine dining will surprise your guest’s dish after dish, with fresh new concepts and perfectly cooked poultry dishes, salivating sauces, as well as aromatic teas that tea-lovers will enjoy.

5. Connect and converse better

Imagine a noisy environment with many different people casually walking around the dining space when you’re simply trying to have a nice meal and good talk with friends.

Fine dining, in particular, compared to many other dining layouts, has always been well-known for setting an elegant ambience, which allows diners to get the clear environment needed for any good effective conversation.

About WYK Catering’s Individual Serving Service

WYK Catering as an award-winning catering company from Kuala Lumpur with more than 30 years of experience in the F&B industry, we pride ourselves on our food and services quality with ISO 9001 standard. Our Service area covers 6 states of Peninsular Malaysia which is Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Pahang & Perak. 

The fine-dining individual service instigates our high-end approach of allowing more people to discover the wonderful tastes of Chinese cuisine, in its every aspect, from tea-tasting to main dishes and desserts, and bring this fresh experience to wedding ceremonies banquets, corporate events 们 formal gatherings.

Especially with CMCO, although social events are allowed, we believe it’s still not the time to be too freely engaged in social activities, particularly in sharing service utensils, which our other service packages provide.


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