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Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Notice

WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd is always concerned about the security and sensitivity of personal data of our customers and employees. This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Notice (Notice) is made pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) outlines the details of how we collect and treat your personal information under the PDPA.
You hereby consent to the processing of your personal data (including photo) by us and all persons involved in the provision of services by us under the WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd by: –

  • Using our services;
  • Using our website or any of our social media platforms;
  • Being in our employment.

We shall have the right to modify, amend or update the terms of this Notice at any time. By continuing to use our services, our website, our social media platforms or by being in our employment following any such changes, this shall confirm and signify your acceptance of the same.

Kindly take note that your personal data shall be shared and processed by the companies under the WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd.

Generally, personal data is any information that identifies you directly or indirectly. When you provide us a comment, participate in our survey, subscribe our services, sign up for our promotions or interact with us via our website or social media platforms or join us as an employee, you may be asked to input personal data (including photo) which will then be processed by us.

The type of data processed by us includes but is not limited to: –

  • Name, nationality, date of birth, NRIC number, Passport number, gender, marital status, residency status, correspondence address, home address, contact details including mobile, office and residential telephone and facsimile number, email address, CCTV images;
  • Any relevant financial and health information in respect of employees and customers;
  • Any photos taken during your function/event that you subscribe on our service;
  • Any additional information provided by you or by third parties about you.

The accuracy and completeness of your personal data depends on the information you provide. We will assume that the information that you have provided is accurate, up to date and complete unless you inform us otherwise. It shall be your obligation to update us as to any changes in your personal data with us as soon as there is a change.

Please also be aware that when you use our website, some of our web pages may use “cookies”, which will help you navigate or store your preferences in your computer. Whilst cookies, by themselves, do not provide us with your data, or information such as email address, phone numbers or other information, once you choose to furnish the site with your personal information, this information may be linked to the data stored in the cookie, for instance, if you choose to register for one of our services, promotions, surveys or competitions.

We acknowledge that you have the right to decide the personal data that you wish to provide to us and is entirely voluntary on your part. However, if the personal data is not provided or insufficient, we may be unable to: –

  • Communicate with you;
  • Provide you our services;
  • Grant you access to use our website or other social media platforms; or
  • Employ you

We only have access to the collected information that you voluntarily give us via our websites, survey, e-mail or other direct contact from you, as well as photos taken during your function/ event that you subscribe on our service.

The personal data provided to us and/or photo taken by us will be used for the following reasons including but not limited to:-

  • To update you or send you materials related to our business, promotional materials or our new products and services;
  • To alert you on changes to our website or policies;
  • To remind you of an upcoming special occasion of which you may engage in our services;
  • To communicate with you and to respond to your queries;
  • To address and resolve any of your concern or feedback on our services
  • To verify your identity and location;
  • To maintain our customer and employee database for administrative, filing and
  • employment referral purposes;
  • For purposes of payment and security;
  • For tax purposes;
  • To promote, offer, sell or market our services;
  • For marketing, research or survey purposes;

Therefore, we will retain your personal data and the photos if it is necessary for our purposes and required for us to do so.

In so far as cookies are concerned, cookies help us to understand site usage and is used to improve the content and offerings on our sites. As we strive to continuously improve our websites and services, we may use cookies to help us understand your site usage, personalize your experiences at our web pages, to recognize you by name when you return to our site, store your preferences, save your username and/or password in password-protected areas, and to offer you products, programmes, promotions, surveys or services.

You can set up your Web browser to inform you when cookies are set or to prevent cookies from being set.

Please however note that if you reject, block, filter or erase cookies, we may not be able to restore preferences or settings you have previously specified, and you may not be able to fully enjoy the websites or your online experience; and some functions may not work properly or at all.

Sometimes our websites may also provide you access to other websites. These video or links or websites/contents of 3rd party sites or others may contain 3rd party cookies so please consult the various policies of those individual websites and links before use, for information and details of their privacy policies, use of your information and cookies used. We are not responsible for these websites or their use of your data or information, nor do we have any control over these websites and 3rd party usage or their policies. Therefore, it is important for you to understand their privacy policies and usage of your data and information and we shall not be responsible for these websites or 3rd parties. Your use of these websites or 3rd party links shall be at your own risk.

Your personal data will be processed internally by WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd.

There are circumstances whereby your personal data may be disclosed to third parties such as: –

  • To any persons for purposes of compliance with legal or regulatory requirements;
  • Our professional advisors such as lawyers, auditors, insurance brokers and tax advisors;
  • Our data processors such as banks, financial institutions, storage services, IT services and logistics services; To any marketing, survey, research or such third-party companies; and
  • Any other circumstance which may be necessary or permitted under the law.

Under the PDPA, you have a right to access and correct your personal data.
If you wish to request: –

  • For access to your personal data
  • For your personal data to be corrected or updated; or
  • To withdraw your consent or limit the use of your personal data,

Please submit your written requests to our office: –

WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd (1018570-D)
Address: 229 & 230, Jalan Jambu Air Laut, Jinjang Selatan, 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 1700-81-5199
WhatsApp Contact: 012-3803080
Fax: 1700-81-3914

We reserve the right to refuse your request to access and/or make any changes to your personal data as permitted under the law.