Banquet Dinner Menu

During the sit-down catering service, guests get to enjoy their food without hassle as each dish will be served by our Service Staff for every table. Drinks will be refilled and plates cleared off for the comfort of dining. Browse through our Chef Recommended dishes for wedding banquets, anniversary dinners and corporate gala dinners. Orders available from 20 tables.

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WYK Catering Scaled Prawn

Banquet Dinner Set A – Blissful Moment

RM738.00 per table

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WYK Catering Hot Cold Platter

Banquet Dinner Set B – Blossoming Heart

RM838.00 per table

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WYK Catering Fried Seasonal Vegetable with Shrimp

Banquet Dinner Set C – Burning Passion

RM938.00 per table

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Banquet Dinner Set D – Everlasting Love

RM1,038.00 per table

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