Banquet Dinner Set B – Eternal Love

* Orders available from 20 tables.
* Prices displayed are subject to 6 % SST.

RM898 per table

* images are for illustration purposes only

You get 9 dishes:

  1. Special Five Hot & Cold Combinations with Scallop
  2. Braised Fish Maw Soup with Conpoy and Crab Meat (Individual Serving)
  3. Steamed Dragon Grouper Fillet with Superior Soy Sauce
  4. Roast Duck with Chinese Herb
  5. Deep Fried Prawns in Salt & Pepper Style
  6. Braised Mushroom with Abalone Slice & Seasonal Vegetable
  7. Seafood Fried Rice with Sakura Shrimp
  8. Sweet Fancy Duets
  9. Double-boiled Snow Fungus with Red Dates and Gingko Nuts
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