The Perfect Guide for Buffet Catering vs Banquet Dinner

  • June 25, 2020

Plated Meals

A traditional and formal style, usually for grand ceremony

Pros :

  • As it usually being served on a rounded table – it is believed to bring a good fortune and happiness when get everyone seated together, especially family.
  • Each guest has a dedicated plate for the food being served.
  • Usually being arranged to be seated with familiar people – family or friends, it makes you happier to enjoy the meal with people that you know.
  • Can avoid long queue to take the food as the meal will be served on the table.
  • The price is based on the owner’s order and usually cheaper.
  • The food can be presented in a creative way or following the theme of the wedding reception.
  • Easier to control the scene, most of the guests will be seated at arranged tables.
  • Guests are free to choose their favourite dishes and take appropriate amount of food.
  • Guests can freely mingle around and with the people at the same table.

Cons :

  • Usually higher cost for the event venue – hotel ballroom etc.
  • Need service staff to serve / refill drinks and collect the empty plates.
  • Food choices are sometimes limited and hardly match with the requirement.
  • Limited time/chance to communicate between owner and guests as everyone will be seated at the arranged tables.

Buffet style

An informal etiquette, warm and lively occasions

Pros :

  • The price is based on the amount of the owner’s order, depending on the head counts, sometimes can be cheaper.
  • Only need few serving person to take care of the catering.
  • The food bar can be presented creatively, according to the wedding theme. The owner can serve their own additional food to the bar as well.
  • The time is free to cooperate, as long as the food still available, the guests can freely refill and enjoy the food.
  • Guests can freely choose their favourite dishes and take appropriate amount of the food.
  • Guests are freely mingle around, with the owner and other guests.

Cons :

  • The scene of the event might not be too grand.
  • Hardly to have a proper stage for performance etc.
  • Need a bigger space to serve the buffet table and need to consider the arrangement for the queue of the guests.
  • Might have insufficient food if the guests turn up to be more than the expected guests.
  • Certain food might gone quickly and leaving later guests with not much choices to enjoy.