Do you still remember your most romantic day? 


We all once fantasized a romantic dream wedding before.
Cocktail party, French castle, royal wedding, horse carriage.
And we live happily ever after.
Marriage is a lifetime’s commitment. Wedding is once in a lifetime.

Let WYK Catering fulfill your dream moments.

In conjunction of the launching of WYK Catering revamped website layout, we are ready to provide you with Crystal canopy, with delicate decoration to boost up ambience of your wedding banquet, offering an extraordinary experience to your guests and family members.

Let the starlight accompany you through the most important night of your life.

Crystal canopy, with a crystal clear rooftop design, gives you and your guests an exceptional dining experience.

Rent a set of Crystal Canopy at RM600* only.

*Terms & Conditions:

  1. Minimum order for 100 pax, for a memorable outdoor dining experience.
  2. Fee includes installation.
  3. Tell you a secret, original price is RM800.