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Our self-service buffet catering is usually arranged on long tables, allowing guests to move along the buffet line smoothly. Service staff will be provided to clear the plates and cups off dining tables. Highly recommended for birthdays, pre-wedding banquet, house-warming parties and full-moon parties. Orders available from 100 pax.

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WYK Catering Curry Chicken

Buffet Set A – Ascension

RM32.80 per pax

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WYK Catering 5 Spice Chicken Wing

Buffet Set B – Exuberance

RM34.80 per pax

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WYK Catering Kam Heong Mussel

Buffet Set C – Opportunity

RM36.80 per pax

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WYK Catering Yong Tau Fu

Buffet Set D – Ambition

RM38.80 per pax

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WYK Catering Lamb Chop

Buffet Set E – Supremacy

RM44.80 per pax

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WYK Catering Red Eggs

Buffet Set F – Harmony (Full Moon Package)

RM36.80 per pax

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Choosing the Right Catering Services for Your Festivities

When it comes to the essentials of an event in Malaysia, food plays a large role. The menu should fit the occasion, and the flavors, appearance, and layout of the meal can truly shift the atmosphere in the right direction. However, if you make the mistake of selecting the wrong caterer or menu, your event might not be as successful.

That’s why we decided to use our experiences as veteran caterers to give you some tips on how to choose the right caterer for your event. Here’s the top 4 tips you should keep in mind when using a professional catering service:

Personal and event requirements

The best way to figure out if a caterer is right for your event is how quickly they respond to your needs and how enthusiastic they are about providing your with their services. Gauge the caterer based on your initial conversations, because how they interact with you is how they will interact with the guests at your event. A professional caterer in Malaysia will also ask you a lot of questions pertaining to your personal needs and requirements If they don’t, that’s a red flag.

Explanation of services

A caterer’s website and contract should cover in detail exactly what to expect from their service. For example, you should be able to go to an FAQ or browse their website to understand how they operate. From there, if you decide to hire them, the beverages, buffet set or menu, and payment method should all be outlined correctly. The cancellation plan should also be clearly outlined. This protects everyone from issues later on.

Flexible menu options

Any seasoned caterer is going to offer more than one menu, and they should also be willing to create some substitutions if it is within the limits of the course. That is why we at WYK Catering offer an array of sets for you to choose from. We also have vegetarian options! The six buffet sets that we offer are:

  • Buffet Set A – includes 15 dishes, including chicken wings, fish fillet, vegetables, meehoon, fruits, nyonya kuih and more for RM31.80 per pax.
  • Buffet Set B – includes 15 dishes, including our signature curry chicken, friend wantons, three vegetable combinations, Cantonese fried rice with shrimp, desserts and more for RM33.80 per pax.
  • Buffet Set C – includes 16 dishes, such as Kam Heong style green mussels, Rendang chicken, smoked duck slices, seafood fried rice, fruits, dessert and more for RM35.80 per pax.
  • Buffet Set D – includes 17 dishes, such as a Yong Tau Fu trio, curry mutton, mushrooms and braised fishmaw with slices of abalone, fried rice and more for RM37.80 per pax.
  • Buffet Set E – includes 18 dishes, including options like black pepper lamb chops, deep fried stingray, seafood rolls, fried meehoon with clams, dessert and more for RM43.80 per pax.
  • Buffet Set F – also known as our Full Moon package. This includes 16 dishes such as fried wantons with shrimp, Thai style fish fillet, curry chicken, ang ku kuih, and red eggs for RM34.80 per pax.

You can learn more about the full menus by visiting our menu page. We also have downloadable catalogues available to help you decide which buffet set is ideal for your next event or family gathering.


Lastly, you want a caterer who has been in the business for a while and has created lots of smiles. Raving reviews and testimonials are critical to figuring out just how good a job a catering company does. lso, how long they have been in business plays a large role in their success. Don’t ignore these factors.

Now that you know some ways to help you select a professional caterer for your next event, we hope that you consider WYK Catering! We’re ready to answer any questions you have, so contact us today.

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