Heritage Meets State-of-The-Art Extravagance & Elegant Innovations

Each of these imaginative Boathouse spaces is intentionally designed to support the needs of individuals and teams as they move through the different stages and activities of the creative process. This collection of thoughtfully curated destinations brings together innovative design and materiality without compromising performance.

WYK Catering at Boathouse

As for why you need to choose WYK Catering, we are a team of passionate people that committed to meeting the needs of every single couple through wedding planning and coordination. We will deliver our wedding services to you with good faith and sincerity, however big or grand, however small or intimate. Leave the planning to us and trust that we can transform your dream wedding into a reality.

We can also provide planning and coordination services for your special occasions ranging from birthday parties, marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries, bridal showers, baby full month parties… you name it! Furthermore, we also provide event furniture and other set-ups at the Boathouse in order to create an exquisite and bespoke decoration for all occasions, crafting timeless and unique designs, especially for you. We work closely with some of the most established decorators in the country, to craft your desired concept for your big day.

Moreover, we are organized and experts in the wedding planning field, especially providing Garden Wedding for our clients at the venue itself and we complete the wedding journey and make it as perfect as possible. Your time is precious and you need to concentrate at work and spend time with families as such, coordination work is time-consuming and we are here to assist. Your families and friends would be able to enjoy your wedding day by leaving all the coordination work and problems to be solved by us. Our goal is to let customers feel hassle-free, sit down and relax throughout the events.

One of the main parts of any wedding celebration, though, would be the catering. WYK Catering is a premium panel supplier, we do offer the catering services such as Buffet Catering, Banquet Service, Centerpiece Selection or Individual Serving at the Boathouse itself depending on the type of event customers wish to hold. Not only will the beauty of the location be the perfect environment for family and friends to meet and celebrate this special day, but the ambience will also elevate the deliciousness of the menu provided by WYK Catering in order to create a dream wedding for the couples!

In addition to that, the Boathouse does have a kitchen so that we can provide a live cook and on the spot food delivery. For a ceremony that shines like the stars from start to finish, count on WYK Catering to deliver delicious food that matches the splendours of the Boathouse and its beautiful glasshouse and dome. Get in touch with us now and make your event memorable at the Boathouse because we provide a good value for services that are well worth it.


The wall and roof of this Glasshouse are made up of transparent material, such as glass. The interior of the Glasshouse is allowed to expose to the sunlight so that the internal ambient becomes warmer than the external ambient, protecting its contents in cold weather.


It offers the greatest volume for the least surface area, and an uninterrupted space free of columns. It is inherently strong, evenly distributing structural stress through tension. And it offers a womb-like sense of safety. Domes embody contradictory, yet symbiotic elements such as protection, freedom, and potential utopias.

Event at Boathouse​

Located along Jalan Ampang, Boathouse is a 15-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur City Center and in close proximity to major shopping complexes, offices, banks, hotels and embassies.